Windows Toolbox is the Swiss army knives of utility program's. It is a work in progress, but I believe it is now in a usable state with a great deal of functionality...Enjoy!

Portable access to start menu in Windows 8:

It incorporates a Program Launcher, Screen Capture, Colour Picker and more...

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MainMenu  (Click image to show full image)  


Screenshots Individual program tabs  (Click image to show full image)  

Programs Tab
WinToolBox: image 1 0f 8
Launch programs, shortcuts etc. from here.  To add items simply drag and drop.
Shell Tab
WinToolBox: image 2 0f 8
Select the item that best suits your purposes... Drives, Printers, Send To, Recent...
 Folders Tab
WinToolBox: image 3 0f 8
Open common windows locations.  I.e. Windows, Startup, Documents, Temp, User etc...
Capture Tab
WinToolBox: image 4 0f 8
Capture desktop screen, a selected area, a program screen or the client area.
Picker Tab
WinToolBox: image 5 0f 8
Select a colour from the screen.  Magnifier option included.
Fonts Tab
WinToolBox: image 6 0f 8
Preview the installed system fonts and styles.
Shutdown Tab
WinToolBox: image 7 0f 8
Basic scheduler - to either a shutdown option or to launch a program.
About Tab
WinToolBox: image 8 0f 8
Basic information re your system and some taskbar items.


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