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Generate "Quick Response" (QR) Codes through Google's Chart API...
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v2.5 Minor improvements, initial Click on Memo will clear text.
        Multi Language support – German, Italian, French and Spanish
        Translations with thanks to BR Franz: http://www.utilitybox.altervista.org/
v2.0 Multiple small improvements. PDF Help File.
v1.2 Mac Version Added
v1.1 Save formats - PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG, Bitmap
v1.0 Basic implementation


WebSnapShotAdv is a simple program to save a webpage to a jpeg or bmp (Image Files). 

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Example Result:
WebSnapShot: image 2 0f 2

v1.2 Bug fixes to stop 'script errrors', Ability to Zoom (Ctrl-/+)

v1.0 Multiple bug fixes, New Icon Set, PDF Help File


URLEnDecode encodes and decodes URL's.

URLEnDeCode: image 1 0f 2
URLEnDeCode: image 2 0f 2

v1.0 Rewritten, Windows and MacOSX Version. Help File available from Download Page




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Jul31 QuickTools Update
Oct15 DirPrintAdv V2.12
Dec21 Sbright V2.5
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Feb4 OSXShutdown
Aug12 SBrightADV V2.6
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Apr29 CaseChanger V2
May9 QRGen V2.5